Granada Snapshots

Every week I thought it would be fun to have a post that just features little snapshots and glimpses of Granada House. Things around here are always changing and evolving and I had the urge to document them in the simplest way. In an earlier post, I mentioned my discovery of a poetry sharing site and I would love to incorporate a poem with the photos. Without even trying, people have an emotional connection with words. Specifically in poetry - we react differently and a poem is open to individual interpretation, regardless of the poets intention. That's what keeps things interesting:). Hope you enjoy this new installment! I would love to hear your perspectives.

Knowing that

There's nothing



Fertile ground

For seeds to


Adding different

Shade to the

Paint pot

Changes the color

Quite a lot

Sensing the senses

What they perceive

Is the world

We believe

Once there was nothing

Then there was something

Thoughts create



The Sea of Ideas by Nick Moore