Introducing Granada House

My whole life I have been a nomad. Hoping from country to country, abode to abode... my mother always telling me 'home is where family is'.


For the first time, I have settled. After courting each other across continents, my husband Kyle and I purchased our first home in North Park, San Diego. I usually avoid using this term, but this home was the epitome of 'love at first sight'. I always dreamed of living in a quaint Craftsman house on a peaceful street and this was it. We didn't think it would happen. I didn't sleep for a month while we wondered if it would happen. Simultaneously scared someone else would get it and also that we would get it - oh, the responsibility!

Somehow, someway it happened. Since the day the keys became ours we have filled its walls with people, animals, cherished belongings, and many, many gatherings.

This blog is the story of Granada House - past, present, and future.

Photos courtesy of my dear friend, Megan at Studio Castillero