Zoo Days

We have live in San Diego and Kyle & I have never been to the zoo together. Never. Did I mention the zoo is a 5 minute drive from our house? Sometimes when you live somewhere you always put off doing 'touristy' activities. It takes family visiting to finally embrace things that make your city great.

aiden, emma, me & owen

aiden, emma, me & owen

My uncle and little cousins from upstate New York made the trip down to San Diego to spend the day with us. We started the day with a very traditional American brunch of pancakes, eggs, hashbrowns, and bacon. Following brunch we did what any normal American family would do and had a water balloon fight in the yard... That's what hot summer days are for.

Kyle and I got some crash courses in parenting hanging out with the trio all day. My cousins told us that we were getting old and should have kids but also told us that instead of having kids we could also just hang out with them all the time. Kyle and I realized that technically 9 your old Emma and 11 year old Owen could be our kids. And Emma is a miniature version of me: alike in our Dofton looks and our stubbornness - premonition of what our future girl child would be like.

Young or old, the San Diego Zoo is  pretty magical place to spend the day. Having been on an African safari as well as seeing wild animals in their natural habitats across the world, I am usually not a fan of zoos. However the San Diego Zoo has large, beautiful exhibits and Kyle and I purchased a year pass so we could enjoy it on a regular basis.


I have never lived near relatives and it is always very special when I can spend the day with them. And it is always bittersweet when they leave...