Fall Musings (and THAT sandwich)

Fall is FINALLY here in San Diego (for the most part, it will be in the 70s next week but today is 65). That means embracing all things Fall. My favorite thing about Fall is the crisp, fresh air. Even though it is the time of year when nature starts to fade - the naked tree branches & wilting flowers - for me the cool air and damp mornings means new life. A season when things start to slow down (at least for a minute before holiday madness begins). Mornings are darker and quiet and especially hard to get out of bed. Evenings are spent cooking slow meals, snuggling on the couch, and late night walks with the dog. 

The sense of 'rush' pauses for a moment and we allow ourselves some extra time and give ourselves and others a little more slack. People seem a little more understanding of each other - friends take the time for long conversations, couples reflect on the hectic year that has already passed and discuss what they value most for the future, and strangers stop to chat on the street instead of pretending that 'other person' doesn't actually exist in their sight bubble.

This weekend we attended our first Dia de los Muertos party. Partly it was to celebrate Kyles' business partner/'older' brother/'i love you man' man Jims' 40th birthday party with tequila and mescal cocktails free flowing. It was also a time to contemplate and reflect on those that have passed before us with a beautiful altar celebrating the deceased. Although I had heard of Dia de los Muertos I had never actively celebrated it and have now fully embraced it. Death is a natural part of life and instead of mourning loved ones their lives are celebrated with food, drinks, and festivities. The dead are awakened from their eternal slumber to dance, eat, drink, and down right party with us.

Post tequila-hangover Sunday was spent lazing in bed, then lazing on the couch watching football before we dragged ourselves out of the house to wander the North Park flea market down the street from our house. Since our home is a meager 1,000 square feet we've had to become more and more selective of what we bring home. Todays' finds include an old childrens book from 1956 (I know we don't have kids but the cover reminded me of Jasper and Kanji in the yard and I had to take it home...), a vintage atlas from the 60s, a lovely pot, and a random mug with a whistle that Kyle had to have. The best part of the flea market was when a wheelchair bound elderly lady spotted Jasper and they had a moment - she was so excited to hold his head in her lap and he was equally excited to embrace her excitement. Following the flea market I really wanted Kyle to take my picture in front of the fence because Kanji was posing there and this is the result...

And then this happened.


AKA bacon-lettuce-tomato-avocado-egg. AKA 'the best sandwich I've ever had' according to Kyle.

Want to recreate at home?

  1. Cook crispy bacon
  2. Toast bread
  3. Place cheese (in this case 2 year aged cheddar) on slice of toast and spread avocado on other slice. Season avocado with salt and pepper and layer bacon and tomato on top.
  4. Fry two (backyard-chicken-fresh) eggs in butter. Fry both sides leaving yoke runny and drizzle with hot sauce if desired.
  5. Slide eggs on top of the bacon slice of toast then attempt to top with lettuce followed by the cheese slice of toast without sandwich falling apart (I recommend securing sandwich with toothpicks).
  6. Eat while trying to pace yourself.

And I leave you with a very blurry photo of Kyle and I being silly on Halloween night.

Sunday Stillness

You will frequently find me posting 'odes to Sundays'. Sundays have become our favorite day of the week and sometimes it is hard to leave the hammocks on the back patio. Often times I am happy to spend all day reading in a hammock, watching the chickens, and drinking lots of iced coffee.

When we finally leave the house whatever activity entails is required to be relaxing. On this particular Sunday, the beginning was spent relaxing in the living room due to Kyle recovering from his recent foot surgery.

Our German friend Claudia (a current Granada House resident) and I snuck away for an excursion to the farmers market. I always end up spending all my cash on frivolous things once there, such as fancy vietnamese iced coffee, chocolate almond croissants, and homemade olive tapenade. But some how I never regret it.

One thing I want to get into the habit of again is filling our home with fresh market flowers. I used to faithfully place flowers throughout our home, but that has fallen to the wayside as of late.

We regularly have friends (and friends of friends) cohabitating with us in our house. Somehow, someway we have adopted a 'communal' living style. With that, our daily lives take on new routines from our housemates. Claudia always prepares an afternoon snack of fresh baked bread, cheese, and fruits and vegetables. As she puts it, "this is very German". Every Granada House resident has left behind their legacy and Claudia's with be the sharing of food - we sit down and enjoy food together at least once a day.

I love words - reading them, writing them, exercising them in my brain (wish I could sing them!). That also means regularly discovering other people's words. I came across the website Hello Poetry and found a poem about Sunday that perfectly suits this sequence Claudia (secretly) captured of Kyle, Jasper, and I:

Anything that makes noise
Should not be done on a Sunday.
Don’t mow the lawn,
Don’t vacuum your home.
Respect the stillness that is meant to be.

There are but few exceptions
(However, your yard work and
Home improvement projects are not included).
The birds singing, for example.
Or the  sound of breakfast sizzling
Or the whisper of coffee pouring.

The loudest thing that should be heard
Is the laughter of company.
Family and friends are what the day is for.
If you don’t have those, then meet a stranger
So that next week, you have a friend for Sunday.